We know the Leadership Team at Trinity are informed and plan strategically using research and the system initiative, Catalyst.

We know educators at Trinity significantly impact student learning in Literacy.

We know students at Trinity experience success in Literacy through evidence-based, whole-class literacy programs providing all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations to become successful readers and writers.


We know that best practice in Literacy is delivered through

  • Structured and sequential instruction in phonics in K-2, providing strong foundations in reading and writing from the outset, meaning fewer children will fall behind or require intensive intervention in Primary years
  • thorough and consistent instruction from K-6
  • rich literature and a strong focus on vocabulary and all areas of spelling and grammar

and that is why you will see that in action at Trinity.


We love to implement the Science of Learning in Literacy, using Scarborough’s Reading Rope and Joan Sedita’s Writing Rope as a visual representation of the many strands woven into skilled Reading and Writing.

We love to teach using the I DO, WE DO, YOU DO, model in Literacy, providing many worked examples and scaffolds before students are asked to construct independent texts.

We love to support our learners in Literacy through:

  • small groups, facilitated by a trained educator

  • formal and frequent progress monitoring of all students to address any gaps or need for intervention
  • fun songs and actions to reinforce taught concepts

  • evidence based Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Programs

We love to challenge in Literacy through:

  • published writing in local publications
  • competitions such as Tournament of the Minds, Jugiong Writer’s Festival and Dorothy MacKellar’s Poetry Awards

We serve all students in Literacy by:

  • fun and engaging Library Programs, both at school and at home to promote Reading
  • celebrating them as readers and writers in the community through Programs such as Book Café where students come together at a local café to share afternoon tea and a book study

We serve our parent community by:

  • training parents of low-progress readers in evidence based tutoring strategies known as Reinforced Reading to support home reading and understand the needs of their child in more depth
  • providing an appealing and extensive selection of ‘Hot Books’ for students to take home

  • Reading Diaries to log home reading that have research-based hints and tips for parents to implement at home

  • 2 x published copies of student writing – one for home and one for school
  • eLibrary subscriptions for Home Reading for varied and engaging options for reluctant readers.